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Payment Methods

We support the below payment options for your convenience:

  1. Visa/Mastercard – Secured by Commercial Bank and Sampath Bank.
  2. American Express – Secured by Nations Trust Bank.
  3. Instalment Schemes (Online) - We offer instalment schemes for Sampath Bank, Commercial Bank and Nations Trust Bank (Amex) card. An instalment financing fee will be added unless specified. Click on the respective bank on the product page to view instalments details. To proceed, select the respective bank at the checkout page. You need to ensure card credit limit or available balance is greater than the order value.
  4. Instalment Schemes (Call and Convert) – Coming soon! We are in the process of partnering with other banks to offer a wider range of instalment scheme options at Phonepola. You simply have to call your card issuing bank and request to convert to an instalment plan. Payment will have to be processed onetime at PhonePola using the Visa/Mastercard option. Please check with your respective bank before processing order.
  5. Cash on Delivery
  6. Card on Delivery
  7. Dialog Genie - Sri Lanka's 1st PCI-DSS Secured Payment App.
  8. Dialog eZ Cash (Coming soon)
  9. Dialog Star Points (Coming soon)